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Soundproof Live-Streaming Booth Professional Booth to Go Live Online

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Are you trying to reach a larger audience with your events, lectures, or anything else you broadcast live? Do you know what a live-stream booth is? Everyone may easily and conveniently broadcast live events thanks to the design of our live-stream booth. You may broadcast events, lectures, and anything else in a controlled environment with its modern technology, thereby excluding outside noise and distractions. Interior design elements are carefully planned to provide you with a sophisticated atmosphere to interact with your audience. Our live-stream booth is the perfect option for corporations, educational institutions, and organizations of all kinds because it is simple to set up and run.

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Dimensions 2200mm x 1500mm x 2350mm, 86.6 in x 59 in x 92.5 in (w, d, h)
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Body Material Thickened Aluminum Profile Spray Paint
Glass 10MM Thickened Soundproof Glass
Offer Sample Order, OEM, ODM, OBM
Warranty 12 months
Certification ISO9001/CE/Rosh

Designed to provide a comfortable and acoustically isolated environment for live-streaming, podcasting, voice-over recording or any other type of audio recording


To ensure optimal acoustics, the interior of the booth is also designed with angled walls and corners that help to eliminate standing waves and reduce echo.


Additionally, the booth is equipped with ventilation and lighting systems to ensure a comfortable recording environment.

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