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Soundproof Instrument Rehearsal Booth Modular Instrument Practice Room

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Our soundproof instrument practice room is ideal for musicians looking for a quiet place to practice or record their music. Our soundproof instrument practice booth is constructed with premium materials and modern soundproofing technology. Musicians can perform inside the booth day or night without worrying about disturbing others. The booth’s interior is lined with sound-absorbing materials to enhance acoustics and sound quality. As a result, performers can rehearse or record their music with outstanding clarity and resonance. Our product is perfect for recording studios, music schools, or even home recording enthusiasts.

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Dimensions 1500mm x 1250mm x 2350mm, 59 in x 49.2 in x 92.5 in (w, d, h)
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Body Material Thickened Aluminum Profile Spray Paint
Glass 10MM Thickened Soundproof Glass
Offer Sample Order, OEM, ODM, OBM
Warranty 12 months
Certification ISO9001/CE/Rosh

Product Details

Appearance: 1.5~2.5mm thick aluminum profile, 10mm high-strength film tempered glass, door opens outwards.


Interlayer: Sound-absorbing material, sound-insulating material, sound-insulating environmental protection board 9+12 mm


Ultra-thin + ultra-quiet fresh air exhaust fan + PD principle long-path sound insulation air circulation pipeline.
The noise in the cabin under full power operation is lower than 35BD.
Speed: 750/1200 RPM
Ventilation Fan Volume: 89/120 CFM
Average ventilation 110M3/H    Integrated 4000K natural light


Power supply system: 5-hole socket*1, USB socket*1, two-position switch*1, network interface, Light and exhaust independent switch control


Configure adjustable feet, moveable wheels and fixed foot cups.


Design for muti-purpose use; available in 9 standard sizes. Our customization option makes the booth truly yours.

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music rehearsal booth variation03
music rehearsal booth variation01

Fortunately, you have the freedom to design it according to your preferences. Are you in search of a compact booth for string instrument rehearsal? Or do you require a more substantial space for piano and drum? With our booths, you can customize your own space to meet your unique requirements, with a diverse selection of practical add-ons, trendy hues, and adaptable interior features. Select your preferred options, and we will bring your vision to life.


Don’t just listen to what we say, see for yourself. Contact us and book a virtual visit now!

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