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Aiserr Prefabricated Moveable Capsule House W7

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Introducing Aiserr Capsule House W7, aka moveable tiny house – a compact but mighty home full of usability. The layout of W7 is interesting in that the bathroom is located on the furthest right, therefore, it boasts an even larger living space to the left. Due to the bathroom position, there’s less glass in this model. W7 is a model that aims for simplicity yet does not sacrifice the aesthetic aspect of capsule house.

Furthermore, it features a sleek aluminum enclosure with a galvanized steel frame that is as durable as it is beautiful. You’ll find high-quality, eco-friendly materials, including fibreboard walls and timber grain floors. Air circulation system and inverter heating and cooling keep you comfortable all year round—step inside, and you’re greeted with an interior that is as comfortable as it is stylish. Enjoy stunning views through panoramic balconies and walls of glass. You’ll have total privacy when needed with smart shade control and full blackout shades.

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Dimensions 8.6 m x 3.2 m x 3.4 m, 28.2 ft x 10.5 ft x 11 ft (w, d, h)
Frame Galvanized steel frame structure
Exterior Cladding Aluminum alloy single board
Surface Treatment Baking paint
Layer Polyurethane insulation layer
Opening Window Laminated tempered glass
Equipment Room Air-conditioner and water heater room

Product Details

Take a look at the Capsule House W7, the perfect solution for anyone seeking a compact yet comfortable living space. Our product is designed with modern, eco-friendly materials and state-of-the-art features to provide a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for you and your loved ones.
Measuring 8.6 m x 3.2 m x 3.4 m (28.2 ft x 10.5 ft x 11 ft), our product boasts a total floor area of 27.52 square meters (296 square feet), providing ample space for a small family. The main exterior structure is built with a galvanized steel frame and aluminum alloy single-board cladding, which not only ensures durability but also provides a sleek and modern appearance.

Capsule House W7 Interior

capsule house w7 in real life

To guarantee your comfort and safety, we've installed a thermal insulation and waterproof layer made from polyurethane, which provides excellent insulation and protection against harsh weather conditions. The glass curtain wall and panoramic balcony are constructed with 6+12A+6 hollow Lowe tempered glass, while the opening windows and entrance door are made with laminated tempered glass, providing you with a clear view of the outside while maintaining privacy and safety.

Capsule House W7
Capsule House W7 Bathroom

Inside, the W7 is equipped with a high-grade environmentally friendly fiberboard secondary ceiling and wall, and a wood-grain floor. The air circulation system and fully shaded curtain system ensure a comfortable and private living environment. The bathroom is equipped with a domestic brand smart toilet and "Jiu Mu" showerhead, as well as high-quality sanitary ware, ceramic floor tiles, and a three-in-one bathroom light/fan/heater.

Capsule House W7 Lobby
third person view of Capsule House W7

W7 also features an intelligent curtain control system, allowing you to easily adjust lighting and curtains to suit your needs. Additionally, we've included electrical equipment such as an air-conditioner, water heater, and wall-mounted electrical box to ensure a convenient and practical living experience.

capsule house w7 in real life

We have more styles and floor arrangements coming. Email us to get a complete catalog of our products now!

*Our product can be shipped within 35 days of receiving prepayment.
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